If the law change is approved, turnpike officials would identify drivers who don’t pay through cameras that would snap a picture of the vehicle’s license plate, and use it to mail them a bill. A list of drivers with unpaid tolls would be provided to the Ohio BMV, which then would block registration renewals until they’re paid. The gateless lanes would operate alongside traditional, gated lanes manned with human toll workers, although turnpike officials say the long-term plan is to completely automate the toll-taking process.

This will help you become aware of what exactly the camera can do for you and how you should adjust your backing habits accordingly. However, proper backup camera use serves as an aid to good driving, not as a replacement. Mobile Installation, the expert in everything from tonneau covers to window tints, describes below how to best use a backup camera as an added safety measure in combination with watchful driving skills. UNECE R46 sets out field of view requirements that are comparable this page to those for inside and outside mirrors in FMVSS No. 111.


If you do not have an electronic Hi-Pass card in your car, you can go through the cash lane. Some roads require you to pay the toll up-front, while longer-distance toll roads will issue you a paper slip which has the toll you entered from. When you exit the toll road, the cashier will take the slip and calculate your amount based on the distance traveled.

Extended vehicles do not need a transponder to use I-77 Express. If an extended vehicle has a transponder, the toll (i.e. multiplied LOV rate) will be deducted from the respective account just as it is with an LOV. If the vehicle does not have a transponder, the registered owner will receive a bill by mail with the multiplied LOV rate for extended vehicles.

Ways to Pay a Toll Invoice

The Blind Spot Warning system, Rear Automatic Emergency Braking and Driver Attention Alert systems are driver aids only and are not substitutes for safe and careful driving. Under certain circumstances, these systems may not detect other vehicles, pedestrians or objects correctly. Availability of advanced safety features varies by model, see dealer for details.

I recently started working for a MSP and I’m learning the ropes, so bear with me. I deployed driver updates for a client, and three computers have BSOD’d today. I’ve tried disabling drivers, updating, the whole 9 yards. The driver of the Tesla was uninjured and told emergency responders that the car was in Autopilot mode, traveling at 110 km/h . In 2018, Consumer Reports rated Tesla Autopilot as second best out of four “partially automated driving systems”. Autopilot scored highly for its capabilities and ease of use, but was worse at keeping the driver engaged than the other manufacturers’ systems.

Jake had failed his first test, and since then he had put in a lot of time practicing. You have to come to a full and complete stop on your driving test. If you don’t come to a complete stop at a stop sign or red light, it’s an automatic failure. It’s best to turn on your turn signal at the beginning of the process. This tells other drivers that you are intending to change lanes.